Leaders in sustainable
energy technology.

Solar Ready is an award winning British manufacturer leading the development of sustainable energy technology into the global market place. Our technology reduces the power required in everyday devices and provides unrivalled performance versus any other energy storage solution and distribution product.

Reduces energy consumption by 50%

PowerCore™ benefits

The PowerCore™ includes our patented CoreDriver™ technology which enables the capability to reduce power loads in the home by 50%, reducing its carbon footprint and significantly lowering the traditional cost of PV panels & BAT required in the home.

Highly efficient

We reduce traditional power requirements by up to 90%.

Low energy costs

Pays for itself and protected from energy inflation.

Low heat output

Less waste and lower cooling requirements.

Reduced construction costs

Less infrastructure and maintainable asset.

Energy security

The lights don’t go out and everything backed up.

Reduced Carbon

Reduction of carbon footprint and the gaining carbon credits.

No compromise of choice

Our system compliments the world’s leading brands.

Simple plug and play

Easy to install and maintain.


How do we save energy?


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