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Solar Ready is an award winning British manufacturer leading the development of sustainable energy technology into the global market place. Our technology reduces the power required in everyday devices and provides unrivalled performance versus any other energy storage solution and distribution product.


Core Technology

We are technology leaders in the reduction of energy consumption using our pioneering ultra-high efficient, smart energy storage and distribution products. The PowerCore™ includes our patented smart energy driver system CoreDriver™ which enables the capability to reduce power loads in the home by 50%, reducing its carbon footprint and significantly lowering the traditional cost of PV panels & BAT required in the home.

The CoreDriver™ system can be integrated into multiple complementary technologies including, various BAT types and renewable energy sources. Our system is a range of DC lighting and other DC application devices, complemented with traditional AC devices application combine to produce the most efficient storage and power management solutions available on the market. Our products provide a sustainable solution providing greater energy security and resilience as well as significantly lowering your carbon footprint and energy costs that cannot be matched.


  • 10 years on the overall system (excluding batteries)
  • 5 years on standard batteries
  • 10 years on Lithium Ion batteries

How we save energy

What is DC power?

LED Lights, batteries, electric cars and anything involving electronics such as computers, phones, tablets and TVs all use DC power (DC stands for Direct Current). Other devices like electric motors or heating elements used in appliances may use AC power today, but there are equivalent such products that can operate on DC power.

AC or Alternating Current became a standard in the early days of electricity because at that time, it was easier to increase or decrease voltage using a transformer. This was an important point in long distance power transmission.

Today, the number of devices using DC power continues to grow as does the adoption of renewable energies like photo-voltaic (PV) solar and battery storage, which are also DC. Since the utility grid supplies us AC power, we must currently use many internal or external power conversion devices (for example your phone and laptop chargers). These converters are in our TV’s, computers, phones and appliances and they add cost to the products we buy. Even more costly is the energy they waste, which is typically more than 25%.

We are at a tipping point, where it makes economic and environmental sense to transition to a world powered by DC. Solar Ready is leading this transition with products that make it simple, safe and cost-effective.

How much energy can be saved by Solar Ready Technology?

Even after you have eliminated wasteful conversions from AC to DC and you are using a DC-only approach, there is still significant energy waste. Our CoreDriver™ system will outperform other DC power distribution networks by up to 30%. For example, an LED lighting fixture that uses an integrated AC/DC rectifier may draw 40W. Without the rectifier, if connected directly to a DC source, the same fixture may draw 30W. Therefore the conversion step is only 75% efficient. When the same fixture is connected to a network managed by CoreDriver™, it will typically only draw 21W. This represents an incredible technology breakthrough that will provide Solar Ready with a long-term, sustainable advantage.


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