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Solar Ready is an award winning British manufacturer leading the development of sustainable energy technology into the global market place. Our technology reduces the power required in everyday devices and provides unrivalled performance versus any other energy storage solution and distribution product.



Solar Ready can support retrofit and refurbishment projects. Our technology can complement existing infrastructures and a number of systems have been developed specifically for the retrofit market. These solutions include innovative ways to inject power into your existing power ring mains and also solutions for hiding our battery technology in smaller houses.

New build

Solar Ready technologies can significantly impact upon a building’s total cost of ownership. Opportunities to adopt the innovative technologies should be considered as early as possible so they may be fully integrated with all building services.

A broad range of solutions are available for both domestic and commercial buildings and can reduce the cost of powering lighting, heating, air conditioning and IT solutions. By working with a Solar Ready approved architect or M&E engineer who understand the benefits of our power core solution and DC energy distribution we can maximise your return on Solar PV and other renewables.


Solar Ready innovative Solar PV, Battery and distribution Power core provide the ultimate UPS. Our innovative power buffer solution provides both AC power to conventional mains powered devices and DC power to DC devices such as computers, heating, air conditioning and lighting.

Our ultra-efficient DC to AC inverter technology provides the most efficient UPS solution for conventional devices. Best in class power optimisation means there is no overall loss in converting your stored energy in the batteries to a form your conventional devices can accept.

Depending upon you requirements, Solar Ready can provide a 100% off grid solution so your UPS does not even require power from the grid to replenish the power you are using. Or we can simply provide a power buffer to isolate your infrastructure from the macro grid and avoid disruptions caused by momentary fluctuations in power which are enough to cause computers and time critical devices to reset.


Solar Ready have turnkey solutions for warehouses and distribution centres. The large roof areas make warehouses ideal locations for large Solar PV installations. In many cases the harvested Solar PV energy is greater than the demand during daylight hours. From experience many industrial and distribution parks are unable to export surplus energy because of local transformer and power supply limitations. Therefore many businesses cannot fully capitalise upon their Solar PV installation. Furthermore with businesses operating 24/7 the Solar Ready solutions allow businesses to store the surplus energy and release it during the night shifts.

Solar Ready provide a broad range of energy efficient end point devices that can utilise the stored DC energy such as High Bay lighting, low voltage heating and air conditioning and of course IT solutions.

Off Grid

The Solar Ready mission is to support the global adoption of energy efficient devices and localised energy production. Micro-grids solutions will reduce the demands on fossil fuel and nuclear power stations and enable a zero carbon society.

Solar Ready have turn-key solutions and in-house expertise to evaluate your demands and provide solutions. Bespoke solutions can also be provided for more unusual scenarios where the ultimate energy efficient devices are required or space for Solar PV and storage is at a premium.

Data Centres

Solar Ready Servers are the only machines available with the coveted 4* energy rating. The rating was introduced specifically for Solar Ready Servers because our products are so far ahead of the competition. Solar Ready servers consume 60% less energy than conventional mains powered servers so can save hundreds of pounds per year per server.

Power availability and the ability to extract heat limit the number of physical servers that can be installed in data centres. Conventional mains powered servers generate a significant amount of heat which requires power hungry Air Conditioning systems which in turn reduces the power available to run conventional servers.

Intelligent, leading edge power supply design allows Solar Ready to provide Servers which draw a fraction of the power whilst maintaining the same level of performance as other off the shelf products. Low power consumption means less heat is generated as a by-product. Less heat means a reduced Air Conditioning requirement.

Powering AC servers from mains electricity is expensive, but providing the infrastructure to power mains powered servers in the event of a power cut and avoid any downtime is a significant investment. Not with Solar Ready.

Corporate networks

Solar Ready solutions are ideal for corporate networks where compatibility, scalability, ease of deployment, minimal downtime and security are critical. IT managers are also under increasing pressure to reduce operating costs and help to reduce the corporation Carbon Footprint. Solar Ready solutions can help you meet your 15 year CO2 reduction targets overnight.

Many low power consumption IT products come with a low performance, high price compromise. Not Solar Ready. Our products utilise industry standard high performance components to ensure reliability and compatibility. These components interface to Solar Ready proprietary ultra-efficient power supplies which remove all the wasteful energy conversions and make our IT systems compatible with renewable energy sources.

Because our solutions are based upon industry standards our solutions can replace or work alongside existing infra-structure. Because our systems draw so little power we can speed up desktop deployment and centralise power management by powering our desktop computers, monitors and thin client solutions by using POE techniques and power injection solutions with existing CAT5 cables. Don’t just put your computers to sleep turn them off completely. The centralised Power bank approach also allows your corporate network to introduce a UPS for each and every desktop computer which is prohibitively expensive with conventional mains powered computers or requires large diesel generators which are expensive to run and maintain.

All of our products are completely compatible with the latest operating systems. Because we use components from leading manufacturers, any system vulnerabilities can be secured quickly. Also as part of a corporate wide operating system upgrade, drivers and support will be available for many years.

Our products are rigorously tested and because they don’t draw as much power they don’t generate as much heat which is the cause of most system failures. Less heat also means less cooling which means smaller or no fans and lower Air conditioning costs.

Many corporations and call centres have already made the switch to thin clients. Solar ready can provide solutions to get power to the desktops and monitors using the CAT5 infrastructure removing the requirement for “wall warts” and other mains power to DC adapters which waste a significant amount of power.


Solar Ready products are ideally suited to all sectors of the education market, from Primary schools all the way through to Universities and higher education. Cost effective, high availability and ease of administration are critical.

Solar Ready can provide a wide range of solutions from thin clients, ultra-compact desktops, desktop PCs with expansion capabilities, servers, network switches and UPS systems.

Thin client solutions are ideal for most education environments and can support all productivity applications such as Browsers, MS Word, Power Point, Excel to name but a few. Thin client solutions provide ease of management and using the Solar Ready centralised power management solution allow entire schools and colleges to provide “Off Grid” IT suites which are immune to ever increasing power bills and power cuts. Schools with existing Thin client infrastructures can also be retrofitted to take advantage of centralised power.

For more specialist and resource intensive applications such as Video Editing, Music Editing and some fields of programming Solar Ready has a solution. We can provide conventional Ultra-compact PCs which can be mounted on the back of the monitor or Desktop PCs with sophisticated Graphics cards, Sound Cards or Data Acquisition Cards. All our machines are energy efficient and can capitalise on the stored energy obtained from Solar PV or low tariff energy.

Solar Ready servers are the most energy efficient and are the only machines with a 4* energy rating. They provide the ideal platform for all applications: Storage servers, webservers, analysis, virtualisation or administrative. All servers run from DC energy and have an internal UPS which will allow the machine to continue running for a further 5-8hours when disconnected from the primary Solar Ready Battery Bank. The UPS provides significant low cost resilience and avoids the need to acquire more expensive additional mains powered UPS solutions.

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